Helping your Child manage the Job Crisis with Entrepreneurship?

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In this 45 Minute workshop, Ozan will share with parents, the battle tested method of SAGE in bringing your kids attention to the Real Life that awaits them after high school. No matter which career they choose, understanding how entrepreneurial thinking will help your children to navigate their life is a good investment.

For our children, the world of work and employment will have changed forever after the pandemic. Education as well as all other aspects of life, became “remote” right in front of our very eyes and our ability to give youth an experiential learning opportunity has become far more difficult than it was just a couple of years ago. Choosing a University, that will prepare your children navigate the confusing and exponentially hard job market has become more difficult since 2020. With our ability to identify this now, it’s up to us to configure and recreate the experience of today in order for teenagers to be best equipped for an uncertain future.

You’ll walk out of this session with a practice session where we will put you in your children’s shoes so that you can apply this short sessions learning at home easily. We will give you the slide deck you can use to remember the method, the quiz you can print/send to your children for your planned session and a timetable to deliver the content. This will also give you a basic understanding of our method we use in our class when your children decides to enroll in our short or long term programs

Father, angel investor, international mentor, and entrepreneur Ozan Sonmez is the founder of Sage, a series of programs with new curriculum and approach for high school students. SAGE educates and empowers students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset that will enable them to not only overcome the adversities that face them but capitalize on it and build their own future as a problem solvers and innovators. We will help your teenagers shine in the bleakest of circumstances.

In this webinar, Ozan goes into detail about why teaching the philosophy of entrepreneurship is the natural step to support our children with their future; which will be supported by the results gained through the Sage over the last year.

What is SAGE ?

Everyone agrees almost unanimously that schools kill the creativity of youth and do not deliver the necessary 21st century skills. We built SAGE as a solution to provide efficient skills as well as updated mindset training to youth between the ages of 14-25.

At SAGE we use our decades long Entrepreneurship and Innovation Education expertise into action and help youth to raise up to the challenges of the everchanging business environment and grow into being economically independent and socially responsible leaders, creators, innovators, entrepreneurial doer and thinkers.

The SAGE X program, with its more detailed curriculum, enables young leaders to acquire 21st-century competencies and innovative thinking skills.

Meet Your Instructors

Ozan Sonmez

Amal Dokhan

Mark Searle