The Human Behaviour And Marketing Tactics

All companies use common marketing tricks like putting ads on YouTube videos, on billboards, brochures stuck between windshield wipers, inside mailboxes. There are also colour schemes used by companies

As an example, McDonald’s prefered colour choice is red and yellow. Did you ever think why they use specifically those two? Red colour stands for appetizing. It is an eye catching colour and makes people hungry just by looking at the colour. Yellow means happiness. It can evoke the optimism and happiness feelings. So basically McDonalds stands for a delicious food and makes you feel good when you eat it.

Burger King also has those two colours in the logo but it has an additional blue colour. Blue is actually the tricky colour. It can change its meaning dependent on the tone. Light blue can bring pleasant feelings to brain while dark and shady blue can make you feel gloomy. As for ubway’s colour preference, they don’t use red but they use yellow, green and white. Green means nature. When the nature is on the nail, it brings our mind the word healthy. People love organic and healthy simply because its good for our well being. As for white, it means simplicity. It brings the words pure, clean and simple to our mind. So the Subway is trying to tell us that it is and organic, happy and simple company that sells healthy food for us all. 

There are also colours like purple and orange used by different fast food companies but the most common colours are read and yellow. As for restaurants that don’t sell fast food, they prefer changing the colour of inside as well as brand and packaging. Coffee shops, bars and bistros prefer brown colour as it has the ability to attract customers and encourages them to leave restaurant as fast as they can. It can even convince guests to come back once they are gone.

Beside from colour schemes companies created price tricks. The companies that mostly use price tickets are from cloth industry. They usually sell product for same price even they put the sale sticker on it. If they are unable to sell the product they make the sale even bigger and watch people swarm on it. Have you ever thought how can they earn money by selling it for only %30 of its original price? The answer is even they put on %70 sale on a product, it still isn’t close to what they produced for. As an example a boot that only costs 75$ can be sold at 350$ with no sale in stores. If you ask how they are able to pull it off without any consequence the answer is because of the brand. If you have a brand that sells millions all over the world you can do anything and people won’t question you. Then they created the Black Friday to attract even more customers to stores. If you ever went one or watched videos, the only word that can describe the situation is insane. It’s just like all the people stop whatever they are doing and rush to closest mall to spend money. They think that they can’t see those cheap prices ever again through the whole year and they buy whatever they can even they don’t need to to.

Other than the cheap product tactic brands use there is another one created by buyers. It links to the main reason people tend to buy branded products. That is branded products are seen as a symbol of financial wellness thus social status. As a fact, most of the Iphone buyers are not wealthy people. They are actually people who live by paycheck to paycheck, work in bad conditions and live in poor neighborhoods. Having a branded item in that neighbourhood means being better than others. You might see people hanging around streets with ripped clothes yet they still use the latest model phones to communicate or buy thousands worth of brand shoes.

Companies also use social media to attract more customers around them. They usually pay someone famous to try the product and make a commercial out of it. Mostly energy drinks are commercialized by famous athletes or basketball players. In reality the buyers don’t know how much sugar a bottle contains and uses it as a supplement everyday. User feels a rush of energy thanks to sugar, then when it fades user starts to crave for more. They end up gulping down bottles of energy drink they don’t have to in the first place.

As for shopping centers their trick is building a maze. Every corner you look at has a store. When you decide to buy food at a shopping center, there is only one entering and exit point not far away from each other. So they make the road to exit stretch as much as they can and stuff it the allowed area like a maze. With this way, they aim for more products be visible to the eyes of customers. Airports also use a similar trick. They put the most expensive stores to the right inside of building. Their reason is when people come in from a long flight or about to take off, they tend to look at the right side of building the most. So first couple of stores you see in the airport are the most expensive ones.

Lastly I would like to talk about coffee shops or theatres way of making money. They use sizes to make people buy more product. To explain it better, think of having one small sized drink and one large sized drink. Let’s say small costs 3€ while the large one costs about 10€. People would rather buy small size or three small  sizes to match up with large one. Then they added the medium size to equation. To make things harder for us they said medium size costs about 9€. Now people would be thinking which would be more beneficial for them. Medium size or large size. If you pay 1€ more you would end up with much more drink than the medium size. So they rather buy large size. This tactic can upgraded by adding more sizes to equation which leading them to buy the biggest sized item available. The tactics that I shared with you is generally known people who work in marketing part of team.

Unfortunately if you don’t do any kind of research as a customer, you would be paying more to companies. It is in your hand to be intellectual against them. Companies won’t stop them because they earn more profits with the tactics. It’s here and free to be used by everyone.

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