What is Sage?

SAGE is an entrepreneurship and innovation skillsets training program designed to engage high school students in the world of entrepreneurship

Everyone agrees almost unanimously that schools require support to boost the creativity of youth and deliver the necessary 21st century skills. Companies don’t need old school thinkers but young people with skills necessary to tackle the dynamic challenges of the corporate environment.

We built SAGE as a solution to provide efficient skills as well as updated mindset training to youth between the ages of 14-25.

At SAGE we use our decades long Entrepreneurship and Innovation Education expertise into action and help youth to raise up to the challenges of the ever changing business environment and grow into being economically independent and socially responsible leaders, creators, innovators, entrepreneurial doer and thinkers.

Meet Your Instructors

Ozan Sönmez

Ozan is an Angel Investor with a decade of experience as a global ecosystem builder. While building large university accelerators and investment programs in Middle East and San Francisco, he build a reputation as a ‘go to’ person for global aspirations.

He has a keen eye on what can be improved, and he aims to be an inspiration to his own daughter with SAGE.

Amal Dokhan

Currently a VC Partner to a global Investment network, Amal is a leading Customer Journey Designers with expertise and education, from multiple roles in Middle East.

Her passion for education and startups made her receive multiple acknowledgements and be recognized as a global thought leader.

Mark Searle

A Harvard MBA Grad becoming an unlikely entrepreneur, Mark is currently teaching in UC Berkeley SCET  after having 20+ years of business experience.

He helps global brands and institutions create value through startup programs in Innovation Accelerator Group and teaching Business Models and Prototyping in SAGE.

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