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We partnered with universities and provided them with quality candidates from reputable high schools as well as improve existing students chances of being employed by startups

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The parents of digital natives have changed their expectations. Building Maker Labs and Science Project Fairs are no longer enough. In the face of growing competition, k12 institutions need to access highly reputable products without spending fortunes.

We built a curriculum to give students the Fundamental Literacies, Competencies and Qualities of Character with a unique business model.


Offering programs from reputable collages like UC Berkeley costs fortunes. Our business model makes this affordable for schools & their users/parents. 

Our  Certificate of Participation from Estonia and the Certification of Successful Completion From UC Berkeley Spinout Innovation Acceleration Group in Silicon Valley are easy to blend into the academic curriculums 


SAGE provides a great network to students as wells as the schools and teachers. Being educators ourselves, we aspire to provide the school with tools to access strong support systems and be part of a large teaching community that would be key, in becoming internal capacities to teach innovation and entrepreneurship.

What SAGE Partners say

Entrepreneurship and innovation skillsets training program.

Our partnership with SAGE aimed to help young adults navigate in today's world with an entrepreneurial mindset. What's more, we have witnessed an extraordinary synergy between not only student participants, but also their parents, teachers and our alumni community.
Adults tend to forget the value of asking questions and taking an extra step to learn "how to learn". We believe in the benefit of adopting this mindset from adolescence for our collective future. We were very impressed with participants' level of motivation, utilizing the creative and comprehensive scope of the program individually and in group activities. SAGE's program helped us connect with our future alumni, as well as catalyze reverse mentoring which contributed to creating a ripple effect in our network.
Özge Cesur

President of İzmir College and Bornova Anatolian High School Alumni Association

Got Any Questions?

SAGE, Students Academy for Global Entrepreneurship, is an entrepreneurship training program designed to engage students and young adults in the world of entrepreneurship.

SAGE is a global team. 

Our founders are world top mentors and entrepreneurs. 

We work together with UC Berkeley Spinout Innovation Acceleration Group.

Videos about entrepreneurship and innovation are ready on the SAGE Learning Management System.

Students will have virtual class sessions every day. 

We support these materials with workbooks, slides, and quizzes. Every student should make presentations and finish their assignments to get a certificate.

We teach innovation and entrepreneurship. We help young adults to have a strong foundation and understanding of entrepreneurship and innovation. So they can determine good business ideas from bad ones, present and pitch ideas, network effectively, and more.

Yes! If the students pass our graduation test, they also get a Certification of Successful Completion From UC Berkeley Spinout Innovation Acceleration Group. These will be assets for the youth in their university applications and interviews.

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