Dark Secrets Of Today's Industry

The world of being a successful entrepreneur isn’t always white and pure. Sometimes there are grey and even black colours exist just like anywhere else.

The world of being a successful entrepreneur isn’t always white and pure. Sometimes there are grey and even black colours exist just like anywhere else. The entrepreneurs who smile and wave at people are not always trying to help folks out of good will. Maybe they are seeking the power of numbers,maybe they want to be rich or they just want their dreams meet with reality. They might have their own reasons to create the ideas they thought about. Anyway, why they chose to do what they wanted is not our business. The problem is whether they harmed the environment or people for doing so. To talk about the food industry, we can give the example of Mcdonalds. When the Mc brothers started business, all they cared about was giving a fast service to hundreds of customers without lowering the quality of food. They tried to open new restaurants at different places but they couldn’t protect the quality because the manager helper was not good enough. As a result they choose to stay with only one restaurant.


When Ray Kroc appeared, he instantly had the idea of making Mcdonalds number one food restaurant around the whole country. He put the managers that were qualified enough to each store and made a speed run. Everything was fine until the idea of changing the milkshake appeared. That would result with increased profit out of each store but the quality of drink would decrease substantially. Then of course, he accepted the deal. With that step the first chain of having a good quality food was broken. As time passed, Mcdonalds also changed the quality of nuggets, fries and even burgers. Everything changed rapidly. People who ate the burgers didn’t become healthy anymore but greasy. The oil used to make fries was changed monthly, the patty didn’t only include meat in it, buns and vegetables were frozen, drinks contained only sugar, milkshake machines were hardly cleaned and finally the nuggets… When they first leaked to social media, people were grossed out at what they were looking at. Nuggets were hardly called as chicken meat, rather than that they were called as pink slime. The instance of pink slime of Mcdonalds was resulted by the apology video they shared. Even the perspective from the Mcdonald’s apology video you could clearly see the process of meat getting minced and mixed together until it looked like a meat dough. People watched the video that went viral and some of them stopped eating burgers completely. Yet Mcdonalds still had millions of customers buying large sized burgers, drinks, fries and pink slime nuggets. Making customers unhealthy and earning as much as they can.


This problem is not only limited with food industry. Many social media platforms are not cute as a kitten either. They let you roam on social media for free and they gather the info to sell products you are interested in. This is not the problematic area of social platforms but the  Issue is whatever you share as photo, text, video can be sold other countries as information.

Sometimes social media platforms can access to your location when you use your phone. This situation might be useful when you are chased by a killer or abducted by someone. On the other occasions like daily activities or your searches on internet, it is a bit disturbing to know an invisible eye is always watching you, following every digital footprint you left on internet. The good part is the social media platforms would stop following you when you remove the app or is that so? Recently Tik Tok app was sued due to selling the whereabouts of soldiers to other countries. This is a serious issue that can affect the fate of countries in war time or undercover operations. Also Tik Tok can keep gathering your data even you deleted the app. The only way to prevent your data being stolen is to never download app into your device. Once it’s loaded, you cannot stop it selling your personal information to whole world during your lifetime.


Last of all, I would like to talk about the cloth industry. We all would like to have a nice pair of clothes and shoes in order to look like decent human beings in our daily life. We need clothes nonetheless. Even the industry doesn’t directly affect us, it affects the environmentand people who live poorly. First of all the cloth industry uses modified cotton rhat affects animals and waterways negatively. They also produce up to two million solid waste and pollutes nearly seventy million tons of water per year. They have underage workers under the roof in order to give away the least amount of salary possible. Between %20 and %60 of the workers are informal ones. Most of the child slaves are from India as it also has a high population. While giving the minimum wage is not enough, our clothes are destined to rip apart. In order to sell more products to customers the clothes are designed to rip apart or loose colour slowly.


Apple also uses a similar tactic to sell it’s products more. They keep bringing new updates to phone in order to slow it down and they constantly create new updates. Although you don’t have to download the update, people who don’t know about this trick will keep downloading them. As a result their phone slows down so much that they have to buy a new one. If you have a very old model tablet, you can’t update it after a certain amount of time. As a result you can’t download new apps from store. So you have to give up on apps you want to try or buy a new tablet. Another trick the use is, they make the chargers or earphones cables so weak. After a two or three year of use, cables start to rip apart slowly and become unusable. Lastly, they create new gadgets you have to buy separately in order to complete the set. They designed watches that can link with your phone and wireless earphones. When people started to loose their earphones they added a cable to attach your “wireless” earphones so you don’t use them anymore.


To conclude it all, entrepreneurs, companies and industries use various kinds of methods to make you buy more and it’s your choice to determine whether it’s true or not. Be smart and search for the best information as you can. It is a part of game and knowing some cheat codes isn’t that bad anyway.


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