BALMED Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Certification Program


Apply by Thursday, April 7th to be evaluated with the first group of applicants.
Last day of registration and payments is Friday, April 8th.

First Day of program is April 11th.

What is SAGE

Everyone agrees almost unanimously that schools require support to boost the creativity of youth and deliver the necessary 21st century skills. We built SAGE as a solution to provide efficient skills as well as updated mindset training to youth between the ages of 14-25.

At SAGE we use our decades long Entrepreneurship and Innovation Education expertise into action and help youth to raise up to the challenges of the everchanging business environment and grow into being economically independent and socially responsible leaders, creators, innovators, entrepreneurial doer and thinkers.


In just a few short lessons, students will engage with critical aspects of entrepreneurship and innovation, such as design thinking, team building, and story telling.


With our online asynchronous program and our live sessions, SAGE is accessible from any internet connection, at anytime.


From beginning to end, SAGE supports students’ learning about entrepreneurship and innovation live with mentors, real-world examples, and training.


Students completing the course will get a certification from Estonian based YellowX and from Berkeley, California based Innovation Acceleration Group for an additional fee.


9 Topics with study guides
69 Lessons
60+ Quizzes
10 Additional Resource Guide
6 Live Sessions

Each day is composed of 1 hour of live training over zoom and 1 hour of self paced work.

Students are expected to contribute to the class discussion and come prepared to add value to the community.

Each student will have an independent submission and a group submission to be able to graduate from the SAGE 10 Day Course.

Students will be learning how to use new technologies and online tools to present their creativity and passion like discord, medium and canva


Apply by Friday, April 4th to be evaluated with the first group of applicants.

Last day of registration and payments is Friday, April 8th.

First Day of program is April 11th.

The Program will be operated virtually over Zoom Platform at between 20:00 – 21:00 (GMT+3 Istanbul Time) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for two weeks.

The final presentations and graduation ceremony will be open to participation of parents and will be held on Friday, 22nd of April between 20:00 and 21:30.


This program material is presented fully in English including the videos, quizzes and presentations. Depending on availability of multilingual instructors, the narration of lectures can be in Turkish.

The participants are expected to join the sessions fully with their cameras on in order to be eligible for participation and successful completion certifications.

Due to the high level of interaction required as well as tasks to be submitted throughout the lectures, applicants should be attending the course with their laptop / desktops but not their mobile phones / tablets to guarantee functionality and enjoyment.


The full cost of the 6 day program is 100$ instead of 350$, with a special scholarship provided to BAL students and alumni families. This cost includes the cost of receiving an electronic copy of a participation certification to be signed by YellowX Estonia (conditions apply). The price doesn’t include the cost of the Successful Completion

Certification Test, which the students can get by making an additional 50$ payment. The payment form will be sent as disclosed in the brochure. A discount and scholarship options for BAL students and alumni families will be applied to eligible students.

BALMED Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program “Yeni Nesil BALlı” is brought to you by İzmir Koleji ve Bornova Anadolu Lisesi Mezunlar Derneği, in cooperation with SAGE and Bornova Anadolu Lisesi Eğitim Vakfı. SAGE, awarding scholarship to BAL family, is co-founded by Ozan Sönmez’97 and adopts the mission to helps parents give their High School Age Children the ability to understand the 21st Century Skills and Build a robust understanding of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Special thanks to BALEV with its support in coordination of the project and role as the financial guarantor.

What alumnı say

After finishing the Entrepreneurship and innovation certification program.

"I learned that if I happen to observe a problem in the future I can develop an idea to solve it. If anything goes wrong in my career I know that I can build my own company and survive"
Beyza K..
Class 2020
"I know the training made me more outspoken because I was asked a lot of questions and needed to be more dynamic in the class"
Can S.
Class 2020
"I learned that building a company is possible even in developing countries. This made me think deeper about my future career and also about my everyday life"
Bartu O.
Class 2020


Entrepreneurship and innovation skillsets training program.


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